Since it is portable and prefabricated, it does not require a construction permit. It can be installed on any surface where level measurement is provided. Since it can be disassembled, there is no transportation problem.

The pool filtration equipment offers high level hygiene at TSE 11899 and UHE (National Pool Institute) standards.

Superior design, easy to transport, easy assembly in a short time, Steel-strength laser mesh system in fabric structure, Robustness formed of 6 layers on the pool wall, All-round thermal welded support system, Ease of use and health assurance in filtration, Durable polytechnic, Reinforced tri-material, Zodiac fabric material, Steel carcass, Structure (horizontal bars and poles), Aesthetic steel angle corner guards, Very low initial investment cost, Ability to be installed anywhere thanks to its portable structure, Hassle-free transportation

Thanks to its edge profiles, it is capable of serving as a Portable Social Facility. Many public and private institutions use the pools, the depths of which vary between 90 cm / 120 cm / 140 cm / 150 cm, in summer school, rehabilitation and sports center activities.

Activity Goals
SSocial development; to contribute to children’s forming friendships by allowing them to live in the same environment and affect each other positively.

Emotional development; the skills taught to children help them gain a sense of responsibility, courage and self-confidence, while giving the opportunity to create childhood memories that they will never forget throughout their lives. Skill development; To help them gain new skills and strengthen their self-confidence through sports or activities.