Yapı Havuz is of the rare firms using the turnkey alternative pool techniques with all stages starting from the infrastructure of the pool to its mechanical, installation, landscaping and service in the professional manner as being pioneers of the swimming pool sector with its smiling and experienced personnel.

Yapı Havuz Is the Turkish distributor of world leader Zodiac trademark and includes other leader trademarks in its body. We complete montage of pool alternatives in a short time in the world and Turkey and make you enjoy pleasure of pool with its economic, elegant and technological structure.

Zodiac® International Group, founded in 1896, has been developing the best technology with an innovative approach for more than 100 years. Discoveries and inventions directed the company to the sky, to the sea and to the swimming pool sector by the time where with Zodiac® Pool Care products. The Group became the world leader with many success stories in many sectors for long years. Studies on pool maintenance and water quality have an important part in them.

Zodiac® Pool Care provides innovative equipment design, production, sales and service for pools. Zodiac®, as a pioneer trademark, adds innovations to the sector with its R&D studies and continues to be the leader in the sector with its continuous search for improvement of performance. Market inclinations, pioneer spirit, decision to be perfectionism... These are key principles of Zodiac® for increasing safety and performance. With this philosophy the trademark created a reputation and a safe relationship with its customers.