Our Rilax models with jacuzzi type ladder offer ease of use when using the pool.

The ladder system can be added on both the short and long sides of the modular pool.

Jet-stream, projector, jet and massage nozzles (fittings) can be added to the central point or the steps in the ladder system.

* The warranty is applied retrospectively with depreciation method.


The steps are made of polyester, reinforced with wood.
Regarding the liner coating sealing connection; it is complete with a concealed cover and a special PVC flange.
The steps have a non-slip surface. Our fiber ladder models in both panel and oval forms can be applied with short and long sides.


External Dimensions (m) Internal Dimensions ø (m) Depth m) Volume (m³)
7.10 X 3.30 6.00 X 3.00 1,50 25
9.25 X 4.00 8.00 X 4.00 1,50 45
11.40 X 5.00 10.00 X 5.00 1,50 65

Stair Dimensions

Grand Stair Dimensions

Depth: 227 cm - Width: 157 cm - Height: 151.5 cm

Small Stair Dimensions

Depth: 184 cm - Width: 106 cm - Height: 104.5 cm