Zodiac Yapı Havuz Systems, with its 3 different models and unlimited size built-in pools in standard prefabricated pools, creates the product range with the best price-quality ratio.

With their standard depth of 0.60/1.20/1.50 m, they are the most suitable pools both for swimming and for all family members to enjoy.

The steel panels that make up the skeletal structure provide ease of assembly without the need for nuts and bolts, thanks to the special H profile.

Renewed suspension profile in all models prevents the side rail from being damaged in cases such as liner change and later inclusion of a jet stream system.

* The warranty is applied retrospectively with depreciation method.


60-75-80-100-120-150/100 mm thick PVC liners add color to your pool pleasure with various pattern decorations in addition to the standard blue color.
Floodlights specially developed for pools with liners allow nighttime as well as daytime use and integrate your garden lighting.
Since it is portable and prefabricated, it does not require a construction permit.
It can be installed on any floor where level measurement is provided.
Since it can be disassembled, transportation is never an issue.
The pool filtration equipment used offers high level hygiene in TSE 11899 and UHE (National Pool Institute) standards.


External Dimensions (m) Internal Dimensions ø (m) Depth (m) Volume (m³)
3,60 3,00 1,50 10,00
4,20 3,60 1,50 15,00
4,60 4,00 1,50 19,00
5,20 4,60 1,50 24,00
5,60 5,00 1,50 29,00
6,60 6,00 1,50 42,00
7,60 7,00 1,50 57,00
8,60 8,00 1,50 75,00


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