Panel Pools allow applications in exciting ways as well as beautifying your pools by taking into account the health measures with panels produced in extremely high quality in terms of aesthetics.

The water is sucked from the top level surface of the pool via the pump and goes to the filter without coming into contact with the handrail, the overflow channels and the balance tank. After the filtration is completed, the water is returned to the pool in a closed cycle. Our skimmer pools are highly preferred because of this easy use. It is a prefabricated pool that you can use without any problems with ease of use, fast installation, affordable cost.


1. Pool Railing
2. Vacuum
3. Steel Panel
4. Bottom Suction
5. LED Lamp
6. Lamp Junction
7. Electrical Panel
8. Skimmer
9. Pool Filter
10. Pool Pump
11. Panel Connection Post
12. Handrail Support
13. Panel Foot
14. Nozzle
15. Fittings
16. Liner
17. Floor Concrete